Pro-Abortion blogger squeamish about knitted bootie display

I recently watched a video where pro-life advocate Steven Crowder invited pro-abortion supporters to change his mind. They wanted to identify themselves as pro-choice but he cleverly pointed out that he too was pro-choice and that the choices were abstinence, contraception, adoption or keeping the child.

On a left-wing blog the other day, the writer ranted about how horrible pro-life advocates were for planning the following public display.

Many different protestors?have used this kind of technique to give the public a powerful visual representation of how many lives have been extinguished. Often they use actual people lying on the ground to represent the numbers lost. Animal rights activists tend to be the most graphic in their depictions as they like to use fake blood.

Women lying on the ground hold posters depicting victims of a suicide bombing, that killed 32 activists on July 20 in the Turkish border town of Suruc, during a protest denouncing the attack on July 23, 2015 in Ankara. Getty Images

Designed to shock: Hundreds of animal rights’ activists with barbed darts taped to their backs and fake blood, lie on the ground during a protest against bullfighting in Mexico City

Getty Images Activists of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Anima Naturalis

Pinterest;Children lie on the ground among silhouettes representing people allegedly killed by soldiers during Mexico’s drug war, during a protest

A collection of knitted booties is a very respectful protest that does not expose women who have had abortions to the bloody reality of what abortion actually is or to a representation of an aborted baby’s body. At the end of the public display, the booties will be gifted to newborn babies.

Does anyone really want anti-abortion death cult booties used for political grand standing? Really?

[…] anti-abortionists are planning a pretty gross protest in the hopes of blocking the slow progress that has been made. They have put out the call for 12000 booties so they can parade them in front of Parliament as a grotesque visualisation of the abortion numbers?

This is the same blogger who thought that knitted pink pussy hats were a legitimate form of protest.

After all, feminist pussy protestors?are?tasteful and not gross at all.

[?] after this grim display, they will donate the booties to new born infants, but does anyone really want anti-abortion death cult booties used for political grand standing?

Wow, imagine turning a Pro-Life protest into a “death cult.” The mental gymnastics required to do that must be incredible.

Some 606 pairs of shoes, each representing a Kiwi lost to suicide, at Parliament in Wellington on Sunday.

Anti-abortion defenders will attempt to compare this to the?Shoe Project?that saw 606 pairs of shoes presented to Parliament as a visual protest against the suicide rate but such a bastardisation of that campaign to legitimise anti-abortion fanatics is an absurd false equivalence.[…]

He has a point. People who commit suicide chose to kill themselves. It was their choice. Aborted babies, however, had no choice. The animal rights protests have more in common with the Pro-Life bootie display as animals also have no control over how they are treated or killed.

Using dead foetuses for political grand standing is pretty fucking ugly and needlessly cruel to those women who have had abortions.[…]

Yeah, knitted booties are the most offensive of?all knitted clothing. Women have been known to slit their wrists after seeing a soft pink pair of booties.