They probably should just get some Abos to dust them up

There is great deal of fuss and bother in Australia at the moment over African gangs and crime.

Our own Australian correspondent disproved the political correct view that the two things are unrelated.

Now the Abos are up in arms.

ONE of Australia?s most senior Aboriginal tribal leaders has delivered a sharp message to African gangs causing fear across Melbourne, telling them that their poor behaviour is an insult to the First Australians.

Witiyana Marika, 56, from Yirrkala community in northeast Arnhem Land, said images of young men brawling, smashing shops and frightening people were confronting and needed to stop.

?You are welcome in this country,? Mr Marika said. ?I know you come from a place where bad things happen. But don?t make this country bad like your country.?

That last comment is the core of the problem with immigration of incompatible cultures. They want to import the very things that made their countries shitholes, to Australia and to New Zealand. As a consequence they will end up making our countries shitholes like those where they came from.

Mr Marika said if the youths would not listen to police, parents or community leaders in Melbourne, perhaps they would listen to indigenous Australia.

?Australia is Aboriginal land,? he said. ?So, when you don?t respect Australia, you don?t respect Aboriginal people.?

They probably should just get some Abos to dust them up in the street outside the pub.

Mr Marika said he struggled to understand why the African youths were running amok, but said his people ? including one of his own sons who is at Monash University ? had strong connections to Melbourne through education and sport and felt concern.

?I don?t understand why they do that,? he said. ?Have they been hated or disliked?

?They are disrupting and spoiling things. Their spirituality is elsewhere. They need to reconnect with their spiritual world and meet people who understand mother earth and father sky.?

Especially the mother earth bit after they get a good hiding and are left in the gutter.

Mr Marika invited the African youths, who he said appeared detached from any form of acceptable culture, to northeast Arnhem Land.

?They need guidance,? he said. ?They?d be welcome here, to come here and understand our culture. We will show them how to respect people, both our world and the balanda (white) world. By showing them our world, we can reflect them into their world.?

Mr Marika said he had African friends working at the local mine and said they were ?friendly and smiley and they have a great life and work within society.

?But these (young) people think they can take anything, as if it?s theirs. No. That?s a bad way, to take other?s belongings. You got to show your respect.

?Live with the law that your father and mother have shown you. And show love to other Australians. And then we?ll show love to you and any other people living here.?

Fit in, or Eff off in other words.

-Perth Now