A random impertinent question for Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose


My question for professional activist, campaigner against the Auckland University Pro-Life club and BDS supporter and promoter Justine?Sachs AKA Justine Rose is as follows:

Are you shoring up your anti-Semitic and racist credentials (against whites) to get a list place in the Green party or the Labour?party??



They say if you’re under 25 and not a socialist you have no heart, and if you’re over 25 and still a socialist you have no head. Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose seems happy to show the world that she has no head. I wonder which political?party is going to have the privilege of funding her activist lifestyle next election?

Her twitter followers may contain a few clues as they?include Golriz Ghahraman’s?main squeeze Guy Williams as well as David Cunliffe, John Campbell, a number of Unions and the New Zealand Human rights commission!