Smug Bill chasing race based votes

National Leader Bill English

I am not a political expert like Cam but as a conservative/libertarian voter, I can see that what Smug Bill is suggesting won’t work. He seems to think that if National recruit a new generation of M?ori candidates they will somehow gain race-based?votes.

One thing I have learned in the 30 years I have been with Cam is that Maori do not vote for National no matter what they do. Chasing their votes is a waste of time and effort. Even when National was busy settling treaty claim after treaty claim Maori did not reward them for it at the ballot box.

National need the Maori Party resurrected as a coalition partner but recruiting Maori MPs in the expectation that they will gain race-based votes is a pipe dream. Maori traditionally vote either for Labour or for the Maori party. That’s it.

It looks like Smug Bill fresh from his latest Women’s Weekly?interview is all geared up to lose his third election.

National leader and former Prime Minister Bill English admits that the party?needs to rethink their approach if they are to get M?ori support in the next election and he is keen to get some fresh new M?ori talent to do it.

Read my lips, Maori don’t vote for National. They never have and they never will. Pandering on the basis of race is against everything the National Party is supposed to stand for.

As part of a series of sit-down interviews with the five?political leaders in parliament, the National leader tells Te K?ea political reporter Heta Gardiner, ?Having got a small proportion of M?ori votes we will have to rethink how we achieve that in the future.? It?s an important and influential group of voters.? We?ll be keen to recruit a new generation of M?ori candidates.”

A few more Maori voters will not help National win an MMP election. Smug Bill is sleepwalking to yet another defeat.

[…] he does?not believe National should have done more to help their former government support partner, which?is now out of parliament. ?In the end, every party has to cut its own way,” says English,?“They would say they suffered from their association with National.?

If English truly believes that despite Labour’s?Willie Jackson admitting that he entered politics to “destroy the Maori party,” then how on earth does he think a few Maori MP’s will make a difference?

He also calls?the anti-National sentiment amongst M?ori ?unfair, but a political reality?.[…]

Yes and one that he is refusing to accept. Here is another reality that Smug Bill seems to have forgotten. His caucus is already representative of Maori with about 14% of National’s MPs being of Maori extraction. His virtue-signalling Maori-pandering is just insulting to existing National Maori MPs like Paula Bennett, Simon Bridges, Jami-lee Ross, Nuk Korako, Shane Reti, Jo Hayes and Harete?Hipango. National didn’t lose the election due to a lack of Maori MPs; they lost it due to a lack of coalition partners.

Smug Bill is just trying to cement his place as leader with all this virtue-signalling, but I’m not sure how alienating existing Maori MPs is going to help him retain his leadership, nor how it will help him get to 61 seats in order to govern.


-Maori T.V