Sorry love…but you are…a monster

Oriwa Kemp

Oriwa Kemp, the mother of Nia Glassie, the little child who was tortured to death on her watch, has done a ‘cry me a river of tears’ interview with the NZ Herald.

She reckons she isn’t a monster.

When you hear the name Oriwa Kemp, you probably think one thing – child abuser.

You probably start thinking about poor little Nia Glassie, who died in 2007 after being subjected to horrific and ongoing abuse.

The 3-year-old was put in a clothes dryer spinning for 30 minutes on a hot setting, hung on a clothesline and spun around, held over a burning fire, used to practise wrestling moves, folded into a couch and sat upon, shoved into piles of rubbish and cold baths, dragged half naked through a sandpit, thrown at walls and dropped from heights, and had various objects hurled at her.

Kemp was one of the people jailed in relation to the abuse.

She was 17 when Nia died and 19 when she was jailed.

I’m sorry, but I need to disabuse this scumbag of the notion she isn’t a monster.

She is. Further, she has had four additional children removed from her custody…they don’t do that for paragons of virtue, they do that for monsters.

Kemp’s daughter was taken into care when Nia died and since then she has given birth to four more children.

Child Youth and Family were on hand for each of the first three births, taking the newborns immediately into care.

When her fifth child – a boy – was born on December 15,?Kemp hoped it would be different.

Desperate to keep him and forge a real family life, she was working hard to prove to authorities she could be a fit parent.

She was still working through that process, which the?Herald?cannot legally report on, when she gave birth to her son.

He was due on New Year’s Day and his arrival was unexpected, quick and very emotional.

And the Herald is helping by trying to portray Oriwa Kemp in a more positive light. That sickens me as much as her involvement in the killing of a child.

I’m not going into the rest of the cry-fest. It dishonours the memory of her child…essentially blaming everyone but herself.

Oriwa Kemp, in the dock, far right.

It was very nice of the Herald to try and soft soap? and white wash this feral scumbag’s life, but the fact remains, she is a monster with an innocent child’s blood on her hands.


-NZ Hrrald