Stupid predictions from stupid people

The Spinoff has some predictions from their writers.

Mostly they are stupid, like this one from Wayne “Comfortable Shoes” Mapp:

Peace in the Middle East, with Israel and Palestine making real progress, and the Syrian civil war ending.

Which shows he still is in love with the sound of his voice, and still knows nothing about the Middle East. At least now we know he is one of David Fisher’s snitches and a sopping wet liberal who should have stayed in the Labour party rather than inflicting his soft-soap socialism on National.

Simon Wilson shows just how much of a cloth cap socialist he is…and how out of touch with reality as well:

Jacinda Ardern will set out a programme to rethink NZ society on the basis of kindness, hope, smart and original thinking and a bold commitment to inclusiveness and opportunity. It will be far reaching, in political, economic and cultural terms, and she will rally support for her vision throughout the nation. There is absolutely no reason I can think of why it could not happen.

Unfortunately for Simon Wilson and Jacinda Ardern, hope, kindness, inclusiveness and opportunity won’t pay the bills on the cheques their mouths have written.

The most hilarious is Guy Williams, which is just as well because he is supposedly a comedian:

Simon Bridges becomes leader of the National party and goes out like an idiot. One of those dirty politics crackers goes full Charlie Sheen on live TV or radio.

Simon Bridges can’t count, neither can his numbers man, who will likely be looking for a new job once Bill finds out what he is up to. As for ‘dirty politics crackers’ going full Charlie Sheen on live TV or radio…well…let’s just say it is more likely to be him when he finds out who his missus has been doing. At the moment however it is merely just sniggering material when it breaks there will be all round laughter…at his expense. It will be about then that all that smug will be wiped off his face.


-The Spinoff