Tell me again why the NZ Government gives money to the Clinton Foundation?

News media in the US are reporting that the Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI.

NY Times reports:

F.B.I. agents have renewed questions about the dealings of the Clinton Foundation amid calls from President Trump and top Republicans for the Justice Department to take a fresh look at politically charged accusations of corruption, people familiar with the investigation said on Friday.

They said that agents have interviewed people connected to the foundation about whether any donations were made in exchange for political favors while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. Career prosecutors had shut down the investigation in 2016 for lack of evidence.

During the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump branded his rival ?Crooked Hillary? and promised to send her to jail if he won. He briefly struck a?more magnanimous tone?after the election and said he had no interest in pushing for a prosecution.

But as his legal problems have mounted, Mr. Trump has returned to his attacks on his favorite target. With four former aides facing federal charges and the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, investigating him and his campaign, Mr. Trump has openly called for Mrs. Clinton to be investigated and one of her top aides to be imprisoned.

It is unclear exactly when the F.B.I. renewed its interest in the Clinton Foundation, or whether agents were instructed by anyone in Washington to start investigating again. But the F.B.I.?s decision to take additional investigative steps is sure to outrage Democrats who will see the inquiry as an attempt by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to placate the president.

As Mr. Mueller?s investigation has intensified, the president and his conservative allies have mounted blistering counterattacks trying to discredit the F.B.I. and federal prosecutors. Mr. Trump has described the investigation as a witch hunt and accused F.B.I. leadership under the bureau?s former director, James B. Comey, of being biased toward Mrs. Clinton.

Some congressional Republicans have sought to cast doubt on an explosive dossier of unsubstantiated claims about Mr. Trump. On Friday, two influential Republican senators?asked the Justice Department to investigate?whether the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele, a respected former British spy, lied to the federal authorities.

Mr. Trump?s calls to investigate Mrs. Clinton break with longstanding presidential practice. Since the Watergate scandal, the Justice Department has conducted criminal investigations largely free of political influence from the White House. Mr. Trump, by contrast, has declared that he has an ?absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department.?

The Clinton Foundation dismissed the investigation as politicized.

Of course they would say that wouldn’t they. Obama wasn’t politicising the IRS when they mounted investigation after investigation of conservative groups was he?

I think that the NZ Government should suspend payments to the Clinton Foundation while it is under investigation. Why we even started paying them is beyond me.

-NY TImes