The power of negativity

Never underestimate the power of negativity. It is human nature to be more motivated by the negative than the positive. Ask yourself what kept you going through some of the most challenging times of your life. Was it negativity or positivity? Was it fear of something bad happening if you didn’t keep going or was it the prospect of a reward at the end of it that kept you putting one foot in front of the other when everything inside you was screaming at you to give up?

In my family,?spite has been a powerful motivating force. Proving other people wrong motivates my gene pool like nothing else. If you want someone in my family to achieve great things tell them that they can’t do it. A member of my extended family was told by her older siblings that she wouldn’t be able to successfully run a business but that her big brother and sister would be able to even though they (like her) had never run a business before. Decades later she owns and runs a multi-million dollar business with many employees while her siblings ended up employees until the day they retired. The drive to prove her siblings wrong and to show them how much they had underestimated her was the fuel that kept her going when the going got really tough.

What has driven you in life? Was it the prospect of reward at the end or a bloody-minded determination to prove others wrong? Perhaps the fear of failure was the fuel that kept you going?