It is time to fight fire with fire

gay wedding cake

Christian bakers in America who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding have failed to get the $135,000 fine against them overturned. In America, Muslims are given unprecedented religious freedom yet Christians are treated totally differently. No one would dare demand that a Muslim butcher provide them with a Christmas ham or bacon or meat that hadn’t been Halal slaughtered yet Lesbians with a political point to prove were able to deliberately target Christians to force them to go against what they believed by using legal jihad.

Steven Crowder when the charges were first laid filmed himself in disguise as a gay man going into Muslim bakeries to try to get them to make him a cake for his gay wedding. They all said no but no one is going to take them to court. The only way Americans are going to successfully challenge this judgement is to force the courts to apply it to ALL businesses where the owners have rigid beliefs or to allow ALL businesses the right to turn down business for whatever reason they choose.


[…] The Oregon Court of Appeals upheld a ruling against two bakery owners who?refused to bake?a wedding cake for a lesbian wedding?in 2013 because it would go against their Christian beliefs.

[…] A similar case, involving a Colorado bakery,?went before the U.S. Supreme Court?earlier this month, KGW said.

In fact, a number of American businesses have been taken to court over similar issues and not one of them has Muslim owners. Gays know that Muslims will discriminate against them yet they lack the courage to take them to court. They demand equal rights but only from non-Muslim businesses. Why is that?

In 2013,?Rachel Bowman-Cryer and Laurel Bowman-Cryer complained to the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, saying the Kleins, owners of Sweetcakes by Melissa, had refused to bake them a wedding cake because of their sexual orientation.

The Kleins said their objection to baking the cake was not because the?couple?was gay but because participating in a same-sex wedding would violate their closely held Christian beliefs.

They had previously sold cakes to the couple and the couple were regular customers.

A years long legal battle ensued.

In 2015, Aaron and Melissa Klein were ordered by?Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries to pay a $135,000 judgment to the lesbian couple.

The Kleins decided to fight back against the decision and filed an appeal. The money from the judgment has sat in an escrow account throughout the appeals process.

Attorney Jeremy Dys from First Liberty, who represents the Kleins, previously?told TheBlaze?that he hoped the Kleins would be victorious in affirming American business owners? rights to be ?free to live their faith.?

What has happened to the Kleins since this began?
The Kleins said they still receive?threats against them.

?We still get emails every once in a while out of the blue that are just saying horrible things to us,? […]

Their kids, too, have been impacted by the negative publicity. […]

They were also forced to shut down their Gresham bakery and now sell solely online.

Melissa Klein told TheBlaze she would like to open another storefront bakery one day but believes that would be almost impossible to do in Oregon.

What does the lesbian couple have to say about the latest decision?

All Oregonians can go into any store and expect to be treated just like any other person. It does not matter how you were born or who you love. All of us are equal under the law and should be treated equally. Orgeon will not allow a ?Straight Couples Only? sign to be hung in bakeries or other stores.

First of all, no?sign like that has ever been hung in a store. Secondly, the Christian bakery had sold cakes to them before so their sexual orientation did not prevent them buying cakes like any other person. As for everyone being equal under the law that is a complete lie. Muslim bakeries continue to refuse to bake gay wedding cakes with total impunity in Oregon and elsewhere in America. They don’t need to hang a, “no gays” sign on the door because their rigid religious views are well known.

For some strange?reason, Liberals and leftists respect a Muslim’s right to discriminate against others and to expect special treatment. Muslims are allowed unlimited religious freedom but Christians are expected to give the gay lobby whatever they want. No one wants to force Muslims to treat everyone equally. Why is that?

Christian groups should create a fighting fund, hire a lawyer and start targeting Muslim businesses on behalf of gay Americans. Gays will only pick on Christians as they are too scared of Muslims to challenge their anti-Gay stance as many come from countries that hang and execute gays or throw them off tall buildings. Leftie activists like to stand up for minorities and make a fuss on their behalf so it is time that conservative activists followed suit and started agitating for gay rights.

It is time to fight fire with fire. It is time to ask all the Muslim bakeries to bake gay wedding cakes and to take them to court when they refuse. There is now a legal precedent so I would love to see how they are going to argue that Christians?don’t have the right to turn down gay wedding cakes but Muslims do.