The tragedy of charter schools

Charter schools work, it is shown the world over.

But Labour is hell bent on dismantling them here.

The Telegraph reports:

Anti-reformers say ministers should ?stop obsessing about structures?. But structures matter: free schools, academies and school chains work. Free schools are more likely to be judged outstanding by Ofsted, they outperformed other schools at GCSE last year, and they are top of the ?Progress 8? tables, the Government?s preferred measure of performance.

Charter schools work.

It is a pity ACT were so useless they did not publicly make the case for charter schools and run a public campaign emphasising their success.

It should have been easy to make the case, but because David Seymour wasn’t the architect of the scheme and failed to fully grasp the full policy potential it simply languished.

There are now going to be a whole lot of poor, brown children who are missing out because of it. But Labour won’t care, as Chris Hipkins stated in parliament, there are only a couple of thousand kids affected…and there are more teachers in the teachers union than that, and they are what really matter to the Labour party.


-The Telegraph