Tributes for Jim Anderton

NewstalkZB has posted the following tributes to Jim Anderton:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern:?Mr Anderton’s influence as President of the New Zealand Labour Party has lasted for decades. He built a powerful campaigning organisation, selected candidates who became Ministers and Prime Minister and he was an innovative fundraiser.

National Party Leader Bill English:?Mr Anderton knew New Zealand politics at every level, he was a strong advocate for people he believed needed representation and he was a critical figure in the evolution of MMP.

Former Labour Party Prime Minister Helen Clark: Mr Anderton was a powerful advocate for the voiceless and marginalised, and for a better, kinder, fairer New Zealand. He had huge leadership capacity and inspired her as a young Labour activist.

Green Party leader James Shaw: Mr Anderton’s work in establishing KiwiBank, supporting regional development and his latest role in the Christchurch rebuild demonstrate the breadth of public life in New Zealand that he touched. But his lasting memory of Mr Anderton will be of the stand that he took, consistently and passionately, in defending a fairer and more egalitarian way of life in New Zealand.

National Party finance spokesman Steven Joyce: The other side of politics and a different era – but a passionate advocate and a committed servant to the public.

Former Labour leader Andrew Little: In his dealings with Mr Anderton as student leader, union leader and newbie MP Mr Anderton was always deeply principled, thoughtful and determined to do the right thing. He happened to be right. Often.

CTU president Richard Wagstaff: Mr Anderton was strongly committed to industry and regional development as is well known, and Mr Wagstaff noted the union movement’s appreciation of Mr Anderton’s inclusive approach to this work – he understood that industry is made up of workers and employers alike, and ensured workers’ vital interest in strong industries was recognised..

Former Alliance Party MP Laila Harre?says Haere ra Jim Anderton. Ms Harre said it would be impossible to re-imagine her life without his lighting the path. Arohanui Carol (Mr Anderton’s widow) and Family.

What I am finding amusing is all the people who couldn’t tell me quick enough what a complete prick Anderton was all now waxing lyrical about him in death.

I couldn’t abide his politics, but he was never a snowflake…in fact quite the opposite. A hard-bitten socialist who believed utterly in his cause. You’ve got to admire that…even if they were wrong.