View From Your Window: And the WINNER is…

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?

View From Your Window-Whaleoil

Yesterdays competition photo was taken at 12:30 pm local time on the 20th December?in a building called harbour gate located at?1355 Main Street?North Vancouver BC, Canada

Taken from a second-floor window on the north-west corner of the building overlooking the dollar store parking lot in the offices of Maven Consulting.

It showed the ?First snowfall of the year.?

View From Your Window-Whaleoil

The first entry to contain the most accurate description according to the person who sent us the photo was ( drum roll please)


Rick H was 98% correct. The one detail he got wrong was the number which is 1355, not 1353 but it was an impressive effort overall with full marks given for the google images he used to explain his result.

Congratulations from the Whaleoil team Rick H. That was a great piece of sleuthing.

We have sent your e-mail details to Blueburd and he will make contact with you soon if he hasn’t already.

Well done too to everyone else who came so close and who made an effort. Sorry, you didn’t win this time but better luck next month. Perhaps next month the 1 kilo bag of top-notch coffee beans will be yours!

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Please put?VFYW?in the subject line