Want to Smash the Gangs? Then Stop Importing Them

Plea to Turnbull: smash the gangs

Police quell gang brawlers in Federation Square in March. Picture: Jake Nowakowski/The Australian

Victorian federal cabinet ministers are urging the Prime Minister to intervene in the state?s youth crime crisis, expressing to him growing frustration over the ?Andrews government?s management of law and order following a spree of violent incidents involving African gangs …

… Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who has also been lobbied over the issue, weighed in yesterday, saying the crisis was ultimately a state ?problem of (Premier) Daniel Andrews? making?.

There’s an element of truth to this: African gangs are running rampant, with virtual impunity. The Victorian government’s response to immigrant crime has been typically left-wing: not just merely doing nothing, but pretending that there is no problem.

Victorian authorities have repeatedly denied that there is a problem with African gangs. In 2007, Police Commissioner, Christine Nixon, claimed that Sudanese in Victoria were actually underrepresented in crimes. Yet, her own data showed the truth: Sudanese crime rates were four times the state average.

The rozzers? denial persisted: last year, Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp claimed that there was no African problem. Days later, a senior Victoria police official was the victim of an attempted car-jacking by tomahawk-wielding African youths.

Yet, some measure of sense at last seems to be prevailing at Victoria Police: when Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald last week again denied a problem with African crime, she was quickly corrected by Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton. There is a problem, Patton admitted, and police were determined to address it.

Rocks and metal poles were thrown at police who attended an out-of control house party held in Werribee two weeks ago. Terrified neighbours reported that up to 70 youths of African appearance, some thought to be linked to a gang known as Menace To ?Society, were involved in the riot that left a police officer injured.

Meanwhile, CCTV footage of a police officer allegedly being ?assaulted while attempting to ?arrest a shoplifter at the Highpoint Shopping Centre on Boxing Day sparked community outrage.

But if police are finally admitting that there?s a problem, the Victorian government is still dragging its heels. African migrant criminals in Victoria are routinely given lenient sentences for even the most violent crimes. African crime continues to spiral out of control. Sudanese refugees are now six times more likely to be arrested by police than people born in Australia.

the state Liberal opposition ? has promised to introduce mandatory minimum sentencing if elected ? In 2016 the Turnbull government provided a further $39 million to the [Anti Gangs Squad], of which several million went to the Victorian strike team.

Mandatory sentences and dedicated police squads are little more than chasing a runaway horse. The best way to stop a horse is to shut the stable door before it does. The Federal government has one power to curb this problem: It controls Australia?s refugee and immigrant intake. Three-quarters of Australians agree that our intake is too high. Yet, successions of Federal governments have refused to reduce it. In fact, Australia?s migrant and refugee intake has continued to spiral for the past 15 years. Australia?s intake sets new record highs, every year, far outstripping natural population growth.

If the Federal government is really committed to reducing the country?s migrant crime problem, then it should stop importing it.

– The Australian