Wellington civil servant complains about the impact of government’s policies on her life

A twenty-six-year-old civil servant in Wellington has been hard hit by the consequences of our new Labour government’s policies. I suspect the person interviewed for the article voted Labour or Green so is reluctant to lie the blame squarely where it belongs.

When public servants can?t afford to live in Wellington it?s pretty [redacted]. My mum is a renter as well. She also works for the government and she said that she knows for a fact she?ll never be able to leave her flat because she?ll never find another one she can afford. Her house is tiny. It?s joined to three other flats. It?s not insulated. It?s freezing in winter. She?s 67. Things aren?t looking great for people.

Alternatively, they may genuinely not understand the impact of the policy changes. One year’s? Tertiary?education is available FREE this year to EVERYONE who hasn’t previously done tertiary education regardless of age. This means that Gertrude at age 86 can rock on up to try out Women’s Studies on the taxpayer. She will be joined by 18 years olds who previously had no inclination to go to University but who now are thinking WOOHOO a free year of partying on the taxpayer!

All of a sudden rentals are under strain as the number of people seeking accommodation close to Tertiary institutions has massively increased. More people are competing for second-hand books, and places on courses. Institutions who are used to having?X amount of students arriving are instead getting?Y amount and will be struggling to cope.

Add to that the changes to the law to make life more difficult for Landlords, taking away negative gearing, increasing tenant rights even further and limiting how often Landlords can raise the rent and you shrink the rental market even further as enmasse?Landlords have sold up and left the market.

Now not only students are struggling to find somewhere to live, civil servants who have lived in Wellington for years are in trouble as well. In fact, the woman interviewed in the article is moving to Dunedin because it has become so bad.

I?m looking at flats in Dunedin at the moment. Most three bedroom houses are listed around the $330 mark, a far cry from what it looks like in Wellington at the moment. And what?s more the houses are more often than not insulated with a heat pump, double glazed windows, an HRV system. It?s no wonder places like Dunedin and Whanganui are looking more appealing to many of us approaching our 30s.

I?ll miss Wellington a lot. I?ll miss the food and the culture and the city. But in order for me to do anything I want to do, anything more than just survive, I need to live somewhere else. And basically everybody I?ve ever flatted with is leaving too.

She has Jacinda Ardern and Labour to thank for the exodus. Socialism simply doesn’t work. Even our favourite hardcore Marxist activist Justine is suffering under Labour.