Why should we be interested in America?


Guest Post:

John Bolton, America’s former Ambassador to the United Nations said: “Events in 2018 could well determine whether America resumes control of its international fate, or whether it continues to be buffeted by threats it could overcome but chooses not to.”

As a tiny country at the bottom of the world, geographically removed from the major players on the international scene, do we really need allies???Do we need the US?

Clearly,?our government doesn’t think so.

Since taking the helm they’ve crossed Australia over the Manus Island debacle and then the United States by supporting the UN resolution to chastise them for moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

I’m assuming they are getting their facts from watching television and reading newspaper reporting of events so badly covered they are in fact misinformation!

Many New Zealanders, based on media coverage, would rate Barack Obama very highly and Donald Trump as, to put it kindly, incompetent.??But the facts speak otherwise, at least so far.

Obama was a spectacular failure, particularly in foreign policy.??Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan outline why in their book, “Barak Obama – the worst president in American history.”

Trump has yet to prove how gutsy he is on the international scene.???He’s making all the right noises, but it’s early days, and so far he has concentrated on domestic policy.??He dipped his toe into the waters of the Middle Eastern conflict and met with the leaders of Russia and China where he is facing his biggest international challenges.

John Bolton points out the “2018 prospects in three critical near-term areas: Middle East turmoil, international terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”*

We can hide our heads in the sand on these huge issues or we can sit up and take notice of what is really going on around us.

Come on Kiwis, let’s punch above our weight!