As a “woman of colour” I am so over the EVERYTHING is racist theme

Everywhere I look I am being told something is raaaaaacist. I am sick to the back teeth of it. It is the latest fad these days to look for racism in the simplest things, point them out and then virtue signal madly about it. These are first world racism problems. No actual “coloured” people are going to be harmed when a shopkeeper sells a Golliwog. No one?is going to be turned down for a job because?people own golliwogs. No one is going to be called the N word because of a golliwog. No one is going to be sold into slavery because a white man gave his fellow firemen a watermelon gift on his first day at work and no child is going to take their Golliwog to bed to cuddle and wake up in the morning saying I hate brown skinned people.

The Watermelon was originally a symbol of freedom as freed slaves made a living growing and selling them. It was only later that it was used as a “racist trope” to quote Dame Susan Devoy. It is time, that the watermelon was once again a symbol of freedom don’t you think? Same with the Golliwog and other items that have had a racist meaning associated with them. Why are the SJW’s of today bowing down to the nasty meaning given to them by people in the past? By doing so they are giving old racists power instead of reclaiming the items in a non-racist context.

It would be much more powerful for famous Black Americans to reclaim the Golliwog. On social media they could post photos with their Golliwog. They can dress the Golliwog to match their profession.Show them dressed in business suits, as a doctor as a teacher etc. Make the Golliwog a symbol of success, a positive symbol #GreatGolli #SuccessGolli

STW’s are so fond of rewriting history, I fail to see why they can’t rewrite the image of the Golliwog.

OPINION:?It would be awesome to stop writing about racism ? but it keeps happening.? To ignore it would be to ignore the creeping tide of racism that seems to be washing back through our society.[…]

[…] And so that’s why we’ve had recent stories?of the Christchurch restaurant with?the racist menu?and the?shop in Waiheke selling golliwog dolls.

The Christchurch case beggars belief.? It does nothing to help our southern cities shake a stereotype as being the opposite of outstanding champions of diversity.

As for what happened in Waiheke, I can’t even begin to imagine the horror that would have been flooding through the African American tourists as the proprietor explained to them how the dolls aren’t racist.

Horror? First world problems again. Racism is in the eye of the beholder. What if it had been a New Zealand shopkeeper selling Watermelons? Would Oscar Kightley the writer of this opinion piece be horrified if they had explained to a horrified American tourist that Watermelons aren’t considered racist in New Zealand?

[…] They were wildly popular throughout the 19th century, but, as sanity began to creep into society and?people realised the enormous offence they caused as reminders of an era when black people were treated as less than human, ?the dolls became less of a thing.

You cannot cause offence you can only take it and all these STW’s taking offence at every little thing and crying ” golliwog” at every passing car has become tedious and it makes people less likely to listen when genuine and harmful cases of actual racism occur.

If you’re not black, your reasons for not finding them upsetting, don’t really matter.?Similarly, if you’re not Asian, your reasons for finding that racist menu in Christchurch harmless, don’t matter either.

That is such a racist statement and is an example of actual racism. White people’s opinions don’t matter. Thankfully being a woman of colour I can say to Oscar Kightley that I strongly disagree with him and he has to listen because of the colour of my skin (what a racist).

What white people think actually matters a lot more than what ” black” people think about Golliwogs because white people are the ones being accused of being racist. If they say they do not associate Golliwogs with racism then guess what, Golliwogs aren’t racist.

You don’t get to choose what causes offence to others and to not even care about that, is kind of being racist too.

Yet Oscar, you don’t care about what white people think and you say that their opinions don’t matter which makes you a racist using your own logic.

We need to be vigilant over here that racist attitudes don’t casually take root again and send New Zealand back to the stink old days.


The only racist attitudes I am seeing Oscar are from people like you who view white people’s opinions as having less value than those of people of colour like myself.