Women’s ‘safe zone’ required for Berlin’s New Year’s party. Why is that ?

Angela Merkel will hopefully be answering some hard questions about her decision to fling the doors open to such a huge number of refugees.

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Germany’s capital will include a women’s safe zone for the first time, in the hope of preventing a repeat of mob attacks on female revellers during festivities in Cologne two years ago.

Up to 1?million guests are expected to attend the open-air event in Berlin, which will take place around the Brandenburg Gate and Victory Monument landmarks. It features fireworks and pop acts such as Rednex and Whigfield.

The “women’s safety area” is being established at the request of Berlin police after similar zones have been set up at large public gatherings across Germany in recent years.[…]

[…]?Hundreds of women reported sexual attacks and robberies by men outside the main train station at Cologne’s public New Year’s Eve event in 2016, where law enforcement was heavily outnumbered by dense crowds.

Afterwards, a leaked police report concluded that more than 1200 women were sexually assaulted in various German cities at 2016 New Year’s celebrations.

More than 2000 men were allegedly involved and around 120 suspects had been identified, the bulk of them foreign nationals who were also new arrivals to Germany. The suspects were largely of North African and Arab background.

The incidents happened after Germany accepted a record influx of more than 1 million migrants in 2015, mostly people who were fleeing conflict and poverty in Middle Eastern countries and elsewhere.[…]

Sure, this makes sense.? Women should modify their behaviour and go to a designated “safety area”, somehow, and somewhere in the midst of 1 million partygoers so that they can be “safe.”? Safe from foreign nationals who are new arrivals to Germany.? A country that has given them refuge from persecution.

Why did the Police report have to be leaked?? Are the Police not allowed to report the facts anymore? ?Where is the demand from Police for the refugees to behave like respectable humans, instead of violent sexual predators?? Hell no, can’t do that.? We should expect the women in Germany to change their way of life to accommodate refugee scumbags.? It’s a slippery slope.