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patrician (noun) – 1. A person of refined upbringing, manners, and tastes.
2. A member of an aristocracy; an aristocrat.
3. A member of one of the noble families of the ancient Roman Republic, which before the third century bc had exclusive rights to the Senate and the magistracies.
4. Used as a title for members of a class of honorary nobility appointed by the Byzantine emperors.
5. A member of the hereditary ruling class in the medieval free cities of Italy and Germany.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology :
The Latin adjective and noun patricius, patritius dates to the comedies of the Roman dramatist Plautus (c254-c184 b.c.). The word means having the rank and dignity of the patr?s (Roman senators), or a person with that dignity, a noble. According to the Roman historian Livy (59 b.c.?17 a.d.), Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome, appointed the first 100 senators and named them patr?s (fathers). From the time of the reign of the emperor Constantine (288??337 a.d.) onward, patricius was a high honorary title that entailed no specified duties and was only occasionally awarded. Patrician entered English in the 15th century.