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moira (noun) – The destiny or predestination of a person.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Moira comes straight from Greek mo?ra ?part, portion of booty, one?s portion in life, division (of land, people), political party.? The Greek noun comes from a widespread Proto-Indo-European root (s)mer- to remember,? the source of Latin memoria ?memory,? and Germanic (Old English) murnan ?to be anxious, care,? English mourn.

In Greek mythology there were three Moirai (Moerae), the ?Fates? that controlled human life: Clotho (Kl?th?) ?the Spinner (of the thread of human life?), who determined when a person was to be born and was in charge of the present; Lachesis (L?chesis) ?the Disposer (of lots or portions),? who was in charge of the past and measured the length of human life; and Atropos (?tropos) ?the Unturnable, Inflexible,? who was in charge of the future and cut the thread of human life, causing death.