Burqa Banned in Australian Court

Two Muslim women leave the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court. after refusing to stand for the magistrate. Picture: Paul Jeffers/The Australian. Inset: A Muslim protester makes clear their feelings about Western law.

One of the big lies of the Islamophilia brigade is the endlessly parroted line that Islam respects the laws of Western countries.

This is rank baloney – halal, naturally. Islam respects no laws but sharia – the laws of Allah. According to Islam, the laws of the West are in fact blasphemy because they place the laws of man above the divinely-revealed law of Allah. When Muslim protesters carry placards declaring, ?Manmade law go to hell?, they mean it literally.

The Islamic disdain for Western law is starkly illustrated by the actions of supporters of an accused terrorist, most especially his wife, in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

A woman who was banned from entering the Victorian Supreme Court for wearing a burka may challenge the judge?s ruling at future hearings of her husband?s trial.

Justice Christopher Beale told the court on Tuesday that all people must show their faces in his courtroom and did not allow the woman in ?

The woman did not want to remove her niqab and complied with Justice Beale?s ruling, but the defendant?s lawyer indicated she would seek exemptions from the burka ban on religious grounds going forward.

This is not the first time the accused terrorist?s supporters have made clear their rejection of Australian law.

Last year, a group of women who supported the defendant ignored protocols at the Magistrate?s Court and refused to stand when the magistrate entered the room.

There have been repeated cases of Muslim defendants and their supporters refusing to respect court protocols and judges. But in case it seems like the attitude of only a fringe group of extremists:

Islamic Council of Victoria vice-president Adel Salman told the Herald Sun the woman?s human rights had been ?violated.?

Why isn?t this clown urging his fellow Muslims to respect the laws of Australia by observing due respect for its courts? How?s that ?integration? thing working?

We?re continually lectured that ?the sharia says Muslims must respect the laws of the land?, and other such pious platitudes. This is a typical lie by omission.

Because, as a British Muslim scholar clearly explains, ?It is necessary by Shariah to abide by the laws of the country one lives in, regardless of the nature of the law, as long as it does not contradict Shariah?. In other words, sharia requires Muslims to abide by the law of the land only so long as it complies with sharia.

If not, then, as Muslim?s placard says, the law can go to hell.

The Australian