Trump jumps onto the ban wagon

Guest Post:

Trump jumps onto the ban wagon.
On the subject of banning is disappointing to see President Trump falling for the ban panacea in directing the AG propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.
While extreme gun haters like Pelosi & Schumer constantly screech for bans they never actually define what they mean by that. Even President Clinton’s assault weapon ban (that banned very little) after 10 years failed to make any discernible change to the statistics. A few foreign built firearms couldn’t be imported in their current configuration and locally made ones had to be built without bayonet lugs, flash hiders etc but remained essentially the same.

“Devices that turn legal weapons into machineguns” is rather ambiguous. Does he mean just bump fire stocks or does he intend including drop-in automatic sears or lightning links which are both already highly regulated under the NFA (National Firearms Act) and cost upwards of $20,000 to purchase through the legal system?

Or does he mean to include various improvised ways of simulating full auto fire with bits of string or even thumbs and fingers?

So the President had better very carefully define what he actually means when he asks for devices to be banned. Is he going to forbid the manufacture and sale of bump fire stocks? Is he going to ban the ownership of ones that are currently legally owned private property? Drop in auto sears? Lightning links? Thumbs?
If he thinks he has the authority to ban any private property there is going to be repercussions. It won’t buy a single vote from the left but will cost him big time with his own voter base.
Then there’s always the chance he’s just playing the left and making it look like he is doing something “for the children”, but really doing nothing.