Final book review of the day: BUMPER edition

This is the end of the series of book reviews. Thank you to all who have contributed. I personally and sincerely hope that this exercise has brought some joy and help to those who have used it. This is NOT the end of it though. Just the end of the first series. At some point we will start again.

You can still send your book review to [email protected] and we will put it up when series two starts, probably in the cold of winter.

Please set your submission out with the name of the book, then the author and then describe in your own words what the book is about. Also, if you happen to be a commenter please include your username.

Jelsie was a BIG contributor to this book review series. There are seven reviews in this post alone.

Today’s reviews came from Jelsie:

Pumpkinflowers: A Soldier’s Story by Matti Friedman – “memoir of Friedman’s army service during the Lebanon War, but much more than that. Excellent.”

Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life by Patrick Van Horne – “a manual about becoming aware of your surroundings and how you should act on gut instinct in this increasingly unsafe world. Interesting read.”

The Girl from the Metropol Hotel: Growing Up in Communist Russia by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya – “a memoir of a really unusual childhood. I’m a fan of Petrushevskaya’s work”

Happy Birthday, Turk! by Jakob Arjouni – “first in a series about a private investigator, Kayankaya, set in Frankfurt. Kayankaya is a Turk, but was adopted by a German family when young, so doesn’t speak Turkish and thinks more like a German. I’ve read all five books.”

The Grand Tour by Adam O’Fallon Price – “a road trip with two hapless lost souls?an alcoholic Vietnam veteran turned bestselling author, and his awkward, shy college student superfan. It’s funny, painful, makes you wince but so wonderfully real and human.”

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney – “It is New Year’s Eve, 1984. 85 yr old Lilian walks through downtown Manhattan, revisiting all the places that have been important and the reader slowly finds out about her life as an ad woman at Macy’s in the 1920s/30. Based on real-life Margaret Fishback. Stellar read.”

Penguin Bloom: the odd little bird who saved a family – photographs by Cameron Bloom. “Tells the story of Bloom’s wife’s accident and how a baby magpie helped the family pull together and grow strong. Inspiring with beautiful photographs.”

If you have read any of these books, or they remind you of a story or something, then please go ahead and share in the comments section below.

This was the last in this series of book reviews.