Poland’s PM reveals twelve revolting nations

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel may well think that the twelve nations named by the Polish PM are revolting in the horrible sense of the word but they are also revolting in the rebellion sense of the word.

POLAND’S Prime Minister has revealed the 12 countries that are ready to mount a revolt against the establishment EU agenda set by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, in what could be a fundamental power shift in Brussels.

Poland’s Prime Minister?Mateusz Morawiecki […] said that Mrs Merkel had lost her dominance in Europe since her dismal domestic election.

The revelation came in response to a question on whether the agenda in Brussels will change, given the surge in?eurosceptic political parties.

He was pressed on whether he had “different ideas of changing Europe to the Franco-German motor which is more integration, more centralisation, more Europe”.

Mr?Morawiecki fired back against this approach in Brussels, saying: “More Europe is simply a buzzword that is popular in certain countries.

“I heard just today that eight countries of the north in Europe ? these are not from the Visegrad grouping but the Danes, the Dutch, they now oppose the domination of the Franco-German dimension.”

The Polish leader’s remarks was citing?the report issued by the eight northern European countries?that cautioned against Mr Macron and Mrs Merkel’s ambitious political plans.

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden hit out at the Franco-German proposals for deepening eurozone integration.?

They said the integration plans should focus on areas where member states are already close to a compromise.

[…] Mr?Morawiecki?claimed these eight countries view Brussels with a sceptism similar to the Visegrad group, which includes Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The ‘Northern Lights’ group, including the EU?s Nordic members, Ireland and the Netherlands, often joined forces with Britain to battle the EU dominance held by France and Germany.

Earlier this week, Poland reiterated its defiant stance against the EU and pledged not to unwind the country?s contested judicial reforms.

He had handed a document detailing changes in the judiciary to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The nearly 100-page document says that Poland’s judiciary is now shaped like those in some other EU members, including Spain and France.

However, Brussels said the laws undermine EU values and threatened judicial independence and have ordered Warsaw to rescind them.[…]

Whatever those so-called EU values are, Poland clearly does not share them and that is why globalisation and open borders is such a dangerous concept. Different cultures do not share the same values. If you force one set of values on all of Europe what you end up with is one culture dominating all the others and individual countries identities and distinct legal systems and values will be lost.