The blogger versus the bull: Who won?

PHOTO: Whaleoil Cam and Colin

I am relieved to report that the blogger won and as I type this late at night he is on his way home with over 500 kilos of meat in the back of his awesome ISUZU D-MAX ute. He will arrive around midnight and today first thing will deliver the meat to a butcher.

He has plans for the hide which he hopes to turn into a huge rug for the log cabin that we plan to retire to one day. He is also looking into getting the head to a taxidermist.

Look at the horns on Colin, he was a nasty adversary that’s for sure. The bigger they are the harder they fall I always say. If you have ever wondered what an angry bull can do to a man then a quick google search of Spanish bullfights will leave you with images you would rather forget.

If you are squeamish do not read after the break as I have included some horrific images of bullfighters being gored.

The difference?between them and Cam is that Cam shot to kill quickly and humanely and in order to eat. Bullfighters?injure and torment the bull to entertain the crowd and only finish him off when he is exhausted. In both situations, there is a risk but certainly, if you are going to torture an animal that risk is increased massively.

**WARNING graphic photos over the break.



SPANISH BULLFIGHTER JULIO APARICIO GORED IN THE THROAT…MADRID, 21/05/2010.- Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio is gored in the throat by his first bull, of the Juan Pedro Domecq cattle raising, during the San Isidro Fair bullfight held at at Las Ventas Arena, in Madrid, central Spain, 21 may 2010. EFE/Gustavo Cuevas