A plan so cunning…

… you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

I have a theory. I admit, it is a mad one, but bear with me. I’ve been thinking this for some time, but the shenanigans over the oil and gas industry finally convinced me. Something is going on.

Jacinda Ardern is shaping up to be an incompetent prime minister. She does not have a clue how to handle a crisis. Andrew Kirton should have gone. Clare Curran should have been sacked. These people are incompetent and, in turn, make Jacinda look incompetent. Which, it has to be said, is not particularly difficult.

Then there are her inept ministers. Grant Robertson is a complete joke as finance minister. Phil Twyford, as minister for housing, has no idea how many houses should fit on 29 acres of land. Judith Collins toys with him on an almost daily basis. Air Force helicopters are now called ‘Ronair’ because of the defence minister’s troughing. Shane Jones laughed off a dressing down from the prime minister, saying he won’t be silenced. She really is a joke.

She appoints reviews and enquiries over just about everything. The latest being the Hagar book, of course, which is an attack on our military. But, when it comes to curtailing a billion-dollar industry, it seems that her accepting a petition from Greenpeace was enough. But wait! There was a phone call at 7.40 the night before the announcement was to be made.

This is the most irresponsible government of all time.

Who is underwriting all of this? And who sits by and says nothing?


There are a number of theories going around about Winston. One is that he is too old, and doesn’t care anymore. I don’t believe that. After forty years in politics, he is not going to go out as part of the worst government in New Zealand’s history. That is not his style. But why does he say nothing while the government, that he put in place, are doing things diametrically opposed to his own beliefs and those of his own voting base? This is political suicide, surely?

Some say he is sick. He may be. But he still does not want NZ First to vanish in front of his eyes. That is why he brought in Shane Jones. He wants to create a legacy.

So, what is he up to?

What gave the game away, to me anyway, was this.

Shane Jones is no January Jones. He cannot act to save his life. He cannot pretend he didn’t know what the oil and gas industry announcement was going to be about. So, he stood there and pretended to be horrified at what was going on.

Then he came to the microphone and feigned a resigned demeanour, saying this was an ‘MMP?government’ and, basically, there was nothing he could do. Even though he would if he could.

Don’t give up your day job, Shane.

NZ First are the party holding this government together. If they pull out, we go back to the polls. So, they don’t have to go along with anything. They can do what they like.

They are also the party that can do a deal with anyone. They are not joined at the hip with any party, like the Greens are with Labour.

And Winston hates the Greens. He would love to see them destroyed. He is contributing to their demise by allowing them to express their stupidity all over the show. He is showing us all what life would be like if they really did have some serious power.

Shane Jones says, in a theatrical voice, that, “There are three parties in this government.” Really? Winston only went into coalition with Labour. He studiously ignored the Greens at all times. Don’t try to tell me that his attitude has changed.

Winston becomes PM in a few weeks. He is waiting to make his mark. And I think he is going to lambast the current government and try to sink the Greens at the same time.

If the rumours are true that Winston saved the day by refusing to allow the spigots to be turned off immediately, then he now knows exactly what he is dealing with. He is part of a government that will wreck the economy and destroy the country for some virtue signalling and pandering to the UN. And we are only six months in. His legacy is in tatters. And he knows it.

To date Winston has brought down or contributed to the demise of two governments. Now he is going to do it a third time. But, this time, he will be praised for it: someone has to stop this bunch of wreckers from destroying New Zealand.

So, he will take over as PM, and will start to unravel some of the worst things the government have done so far. And, if Labour and the Greens won’t play nice, Winston does have other options.

Winston hated John Key, Bill English and Steven Joyce. That was the main reason he was never going to do a deal with National. They have all gone. Would Simon Bridges object to ditching Paula Bennett, for example, if it meant he became prime minister? I think not.

If Winston does a deal with Simon Bridges there will be no need for an election. They will have a majority.

What do you think? Am I guilty of wishful thinking? Because, believe me, I am wishfully thinking this will happen.

The problem with this theory is that Winston may have overplayed his hand. The damage to the energy sector has already been done, simply by making the announcement. Business hates uncertainty, and a reversal of this policy, even within a few months, will not restore faith in the government, even a National-led government. Everyone knows that Labour will be back someday, and it will all start again.

So, for this to be successful, Winston will have to portray himself as the saviour of the country. A New Zealand-based Thor. Winston in tights. No… let’s not go there. He has said almost nothing about current government policy, so it will not be difficult for him to disavow it. He has started this already by sending Shane Jones out there without a single acting lesson to shake his head and look worried.

Can he redeem himself? I think he thinks so. Can he become a champion of the country, saving us all from those mean, ugly, nasty Marxists? I think he thinks he can.

That would really be a fine legacy. If he can pull it off. I may be dreaming. Time will tell.