An angry e-mail to the National party

Dear National

You are the most gutless, pathetic, lazy rabble of an opposition that I have ever seen. You should be tearing this government apart every day like a tyrannosaur attacking a dairy cow.
Instead, you’re nibbling at the edges of things like scared mice. PATHETIC!

Your leader (Simon whats-his-face)? is conspicuous by his anonymity and has a lower profile than a limbo-dancer.

Your policies are weaker than dishwater.? You have been completely captured by “political correctness” and you go out of your way to not be “offensive”.? THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WANT!

Where is the “DAMN THE TORPEDOES” leader in your rabble?? The person who will put forward **hairy-chested** policies like reducing the number of refugees, axing the Waitangi Tribunal, axing all useless outfits like the Human Rights and Race Relations offices and axing all racist pro-Maori and “hate speech” laws?

The only one of you that shows any potential at all is Judith Collins.? If she has any sense, she will abandon the sinking ship of National and start her own party. I can tell you now that such a party would get well over the five percent threshold to get into Parliament.

We, taxpayers, are paying megabucks for your salaries and are getting NOTHING in return. (Ok, that goes for Labour, the Greens and NZ First too, but anyway… ).

In summary, National: you SUCK. Get yourselves together and sort yourselves out. You are a DISGRACE to this country.