Andrew Little bravely runs away

Cabinet minister Andrew Little and representatives of the families of the men killed in the Pike River mine disaster have walked into the mine’s portal. (Photo / Facebook)

Wow. It is all over the news. Little Andrew has explored deep into the Pike River drift. Wow.

My house and garage is twenty meters long: so he girded his loins (unsee that picture people) and intrepidly and with fearless courage or maybe reckless abandon or perhaps even quivering timidity, made the long lonely trek all by himself surrounded by many others in pitch darkness with only the dim glow from a box of fireproof matches to guide his way all of one and a half times the length of my house to find what?

Perhaps a big pile of some?conveniently and freshly labelled evidence?
Perhaps a yellow roadsign saying ‘Out that way’ pointing back the way he had come just in case he was so far in that he could not see the light from the adit like a pinhole in the far distance.
Maybe and more likely, another sign saying drift blocked 300 metres ahead.

Big deal, he has effectively touched a toe in a hot bath then left. Wow again.

On second thoughts it is more like thinking about taking a seat so you can think about taking your sock off to dip it in the water.


by Woody