Anti-democratic halfwit reminds everyone that democracy is not for halfwits

The halfwit former mayor of New Plymouth, who lost his mayoralty after suggesting New Plymouth should have Maori seats, is proving once again what a halfwit he is. Quote:

The country’s most famous “recovering racist”?has taken on former National and ACT party leader Don Brash in a debate on M?ori wards.

Andrew Judd is the former mayor of New Plymouth who championed M?ori representation at council during his three years in office following an epiphany that challenged him to confront his attitudes toward M?ori.

And while the backlash he received from voters ultimately meant he did not stand for reelection in 2016, he has maintained a high profile as a leading voice in the debate for M?ori representation in local government and describes himself as a recovering racist.?? End quote.

Basically, he is a virtue-signalling halfwit. Quote:

In March Judd posted on his Facebook page challenging?Brash, who is part of the Hobson’s Pledge lobby group that sees wards as a form of?racial preference,??to a public debate about the ward issue.

Brash, who earlier this year campaigned to force a referendum on the establishment of wards in Palmerston North,?accepted and the pre-recorded debate will screen on?M?ori?Television’s Native Affairs programme on Monday April 30.

“I made the call after Don had a go at local government who are calling on the Government to change the law around polls and petitions aimed only at the M?ori voice on council’s,” Judd said in a text message.

Judd?has?been keeping a close eye on Palmerston North?after the city council and Manawat? District Council voted last year in favour of establishing M?ori wards.

However opponents?petitioned to force a binding referendum on the issue. Voting opened on Friday and?closes at noon on Saturday May 19.

In 2015 a voter forced referendum in New Plymouth overwhelmingly rejected the district council’s single M?ori ward proposal.

Unlike other new wards, which can be decided by councils, M?ori wards can be subjected to binding referendums if 5 per cent of voters call for one.

“Palmerston North are going through the same thing New Plymouth went through, which is the representation of M?ori wards,” Judd said.

Judd hopes the debate will allow people to feel informed.

“We’ve both got strong views, so that’s good because that’s what debate is about. It’s a polarising issue.

“It is emotional, it’s about who we are, how we connect in a bicultural way.”? End quote.

He’s on a hiding to nothing debating Don Brash, who is very clever and not at all a halfwit like Judd is.

People like Judd are essentially anti-democratic, preferring instead a race-based solution to a non-problem. The Maori Statutory Board in Auckland is an unelected anti-democratic rort of no value to democracy or the ratepayers. Basically, those who promote Maori wards are themselves racists. They just like to frame their opponents and supporters of democracy as racists.