Australia’s most annoying tax-guzzler wants more of our money for da’wah

Caption: Yassmin Abdel-Magied, perennial tax-hooverer, as immortalised by the late Bill Leak

When the Day-glo Da’i scuttled away to Britain (instead of her native Islamic paradise, Sudan, oddly enough) to escape the consequences of her latest loudmouthing, Australians breathed a collective sigh of relief that they’d seen (and heard) the last of Islam’s craziest frightbat.

Alas, “our” ABC is determined to see to it that Australians fork out yet more of their tax money for the privilege of once again suffering her demented screechings, as well as being subjected to her eye-straining fashion choices.Quote:

Hijabistas! with Yassmin Abdel-Magied will air on ABC iView on May 1, as six six-minute episodes, and follows Ms Abdel-Magied through Australia?s Islamic headwear fashion scene.End of quote.

Taxpayer-funded numpties are determined to promulgate the normalising of Islamic oppression.Quote:

The national broadcaster?s Islamic fashion show comes months after the Department of Foreign Affairs came under pressure from conservatives for sponsoring a ?modest fashion? show aimed at Muslim women in Malaysia.?End of quote.

Yassmin will no doubt check in with her good pals at Hizb ut-Tahrir to find out what she thinks first, inshallah. But, as always, self-reflection is not her strong point:Quote:

Ms Abdel-Magied, who is now based in London, tackled her critics on Twitter after announcing the hijab program.

?I love when [people] see things like this (her new show) then point to unrelated things happening to Muslim women in other countries, as if they actually cared,? she wrote.End of quote.

Actually, honour-killings and acid attacks are very much related to the enforcement of female ?modesty? in Muslim countries, as is the fact of women being arrested and beaten by ?morality police? when they dare to take their hijab off.

It appears that Ms Abdel-Magied?s critics actually care about the plight of Muslim women a great deal more than she does. After all, she is the one who embarked on a jaunt (taxpayer-funded, naturally) around countries which systematically, brutally oppress women in the name of Islam, and returned to declare that Islam is, like, ?the most feminist religion?.Quote:

?While hundreds of thousands of women have bravely protested in the face of arrest and imprisonment … to be freed from the oppression of the hijab, we have the ABC championing this oppressive symbol,? [Liberal] Senator [Eric] Abetz said.End of quote.

But why would Yassmin and the ABC want to be a bunch of da?wah-downers, and talk about that? Why not use our taxes to yuk it up about the oppression of women, instead?Quote:

An ABC spokesman said the show was a ?light-hearted exploration? of hijabi fashion.End of quote.

Perhaps next they’ll do a light-hearted exploration of honour-killings, acid attacks, female genital mutilation and forced child marriages. Laugh! I nearly wept.