Bite sized political nuggets

chicken nuggets

Our tax and spend government has been busy making the New Zealand economy poorer. Inspired by the Act party bulletin here are some bite-sized political nuggets, to sum up the most recent attempts to damage our economy.

Michael Cullen’s speech about tax:

In his speech, Michael Cullen said that our attitude to tax is ?atavistic,? which means that it is not modern and is rooted in the past. He also complained that many view his Tax Working Group as a ?tax grab.? This public perception is probably due to the fact that he said that we don?t pay enough tax, and then suggested at least eight new taxes!

The Nanny state is well and truly back:

The government’s new tax ideas include social engineering otherwise known as ?behavioural taxes.? One of the suggested taxes will be on sugar to try to control our behaviour. Apparently, we cannot be trusted to make our own decisions.

A recent report for the Ministry of health says that sugar taxes don’t work: Quote:

?NZIER concluded that no study based on actual experience with sugar taxes had identified an impact on health outcomes, and that it hadn?t?seen any evidence that imposing a sugar tax would meet a cost-benefit analysis. End of quote.

Grant Robertson wants a capital gains tax: Quote:

?On [Q and A] this weekend he complained there wasn?t enough ?balance? in the tax system, and that the system favoured property speculators.?Robertson has misdiagnosed the problem as one of demand when in fact supply is the real issue. End of quote.The

The International Monetary Fund has revealed that cutting spending is less harmful to economic growth than raising taxes: Quote:

[They have]?published a study?looking at the best way for countries to reduce their level of debt.?It found that?cutting spending is less harmful to economic growth than raising taxes.?This contradicts the message of Keynesians on the political Left who suggest spending cuts lead to deeper recessions. The Labour-NZ First-Greens recipe of higher taxes and higher spending will deliver lower economic growth,?fewer jobs, and lower wages. End of quote.

One hundred thousand dollars a day is being wasted on Labour’s flagship free fees policy: Quote:

[…] Hipkins has confirmed the Government will this year waste about $38 million of your money on its flagship fees-free policy. In official documents, Hipkins confirmed the dropout rate for first year students studying a bachelor?s degree was 14 per cent. ?Fees-free? will cost $275 million this year, so New Zealanders can except about $38 million of their taxes to deliver nothing whatsoever. End of quote.