Brownlee: ‘Please explain, Ms Gwyn’

Gerry Brownlee has issued a ‘please explain’ to Cheryl Gwyn: Quote:

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Cheryl Gwyn must explain the legal basis upon which she appointed her new Reference Group, National?s Spokesperson for GCSB and NZSIS Gerry Brownlee says.

“Following questions raised yesterday about the group, the Inspector-General issued a statement which fails to answer the very simple question regarding the legal basis for appointing the group.? ?

“The Inspector-General says that the group was set up to help her ?stand in the shoes of the public? and inform her thinking.

“It?s hard to fathom how this group will be able to give objective advice on behalf of the public, given the very partisan views of several of its members.

“For someone in a role centred on ensuring our intelligence and security agencies act lawfully and with propriety, it is worrying that the Inspector-General has not yet explained what legal basis she had for appointing the Reference Group.”? End quote.

My understanding is that Cheryl Gwyn may have overstepped her role legally as per the legislation that governs her position and organisation.

This is going to end up with a good dollop of egg all over Andrew Little’s face, and probably Jacinda’s too.