Can you pass a road rules test?

“When I let out a blood-curdling yell and scream ‘Jesus Christ you’re going to kill someone’ I’d like you to apply the brakes…”

Our son is currently studying to become a driving instructor. I taught him to drive years ago but in order to be able to pass the very strict physical tests, he had to learn from a professional driving instructor as my driving was let us say,?ahem, a little lax. He?also informs me ( and our daughter has said the same) that I do not have the calm and unruffled disposition that is needed to prevent my pupil from stressing out. Apparently?gasping and holding on to the FFS handle for dear life while yelling upsets the little petals.

I don’t even remember learning some of the rules he needed to know and I hadn’t been doing some of the things he needed to do while being watched in order to pass. The process of teaching him actually improved my driving as it brought me up to date and reminded me of things that I had become slack on.

Here is one of the written driving tests for you all to try. How much can you remember and can any of you score one hundred percent?