Cat fight in TVNZ press gallery

The NZ Herald reports of a cat fight amongst the pinkos in the TVNZ press gallery team: Quote:

TVNZ is battling the fallout of its new political editor appointment ? with two stars of the Beehive making quick exits.

1 NEWS reporter Jessica Mutch has been in her role as TVNZ political editor for just over a month and it seems her Wellington colleagues, Katie Bradford and Andrea Vance are a little miffed they did not get the job.

Vance has quit the national broadcaster while Bradford has asked for reassignment to Auckland after they both missed out.

??Things have been tense in Wellington since Jessica took over from Corin Dann last month,? a source told Spy.

?Other reporters have noticed that Andrea and Katie have been visibly put out and have not responded well to Jessica?s new role. They both wanted the job and don?t seem to have fallen in line to help make a strong team.? End of Spy quote.

TVNZ, Mutch, Bradford and Vance did not want to comment but a spokeswoman for TVNZ confirmed the newsroom had been told of Vance?s and Bradford?s moves.

Vance, from Northern Ireland, has been with 1 NEWS since 2015.

Bradford, daughter of former Green MP Sue Bradford, has been with 1 NEWS since 2013 and Spy understands she made no secret of her desire to return to Auckland if she didn?t land the political editor role.

Sources say Mutch?s ascension to her new role was always in the succession plans at TVNZ and Vance and Bradford would have been aware of this. End quote.

So, it looks like a case of Jessica ‘Too’ Mutch for the snarler and the wobbler from TVNZ.

Andrea Vance always has an agenda and is a lackey of Hager. Bradford is politically compromised as well. If they want to go elsewhere, TVNZ should use this opportunity to get some decent talent.