Did Jacinda Ardern just give Angela Merkel a chinky made toy?

The media are lauding up this photo, of Jacinda Ardern giving Angela Merkel a cute stuffed toy.

But should they be?

If you search the net for “kiwi stuffed toy” what do you find?

Well, what you find is you can buy these toys for US$0.50 as long as you buy 1000 pcs.??Alibaba has dozens of manufacturers of these stuffed toys. None are from New Zealand.

There are more expensive ones at US$1.50 each if you order a 1000:Of course, Jacinda Ardern won’t have done that, she will have sent a flunky down to the Warehouse or worse a local tourist shop and paid retail.

There is a huge irony in Jacinda Ardern giving over a “stuffed kiwi”. If ever there was a metaphor for what this government is doing, this was it.

There were so many other classy New Zealand made trinkets and souvenirs that she could have given, but no, our bogan prime minister had to go low with a stuffed toy for Angela’s bed.

If you thought John Key was cringe-worthy then Jacinda Ardern is way worse.