Discrimination is not the enemy of sport

As the fall out from the contrived Israel Folau scandal continues some not-so-useful idiots associated with the All Blacks and Black Ferns have launched a diversity campaign where they have labelled discrimination as the?enemy. I may not play a sport or even be a fan of sports but I do know that the enemy of sport is most definitely not discrimination because, to make the best teams in the country, coaches must be VERY discriminatory.

You cannot achieve excellence without discrimination. This applies to everything. When we judge the quality of anything, whether it be a meal, an item of clothing, a car or a sportsperson, we judge it or them on strict criteria.

A racing-car driver who wants to win is not going to choose this car.

A chef who wants to gain a Michelin?star for his restaurant is not going to serve this meal.

An All Black coach who wants to win is not going to select a line up like this one.

Credit: Luke
All inclusive All Blacks

Winning sports teams have always been about the best person for the position. Once we start messing with that for diversity’s sake we might as well start handing out participation trophies.