Early front runner for NZ’s dodgiest local government politician: Phelan Pirie

Rodney is the bluest of blue wards on Auckland Council, and one that Phil Goff and Bill Cashmore are attempting to rape and pillage even more than usual to fund their pet projects in the CBD.

Which makes you wonder why a Rodney Local Board member, Phelan Pirie, apparently known behind his back as ‘that socialist brown-nosed gnome’ for his connections to Phil Goff, is so hell-bent on running the campaign for a targeted rate on Rodney. He has been pushing it since Goff became mayor, rather than doing what a good right-wing representative should be doing and fighting to have local rates spent in the local area.

What’s worse is that Pirie?s nose is so brown he hasn’t considered that politics is about right and wrong. A targeted rate for Rodney is wrong. It is a rate on ratepayers who have been subsidising others in Auckland since the Supercity was founded, and have been getting royally shafted in the process.??

The brown-nosed gnome is so stupid that he thinks that he can ‘consult’ his way to getting everyone to buy into his socialist utopia where Rodney gets ripped off and the CBD gets all the money.

Rodney councillor and actual right-winger Greg Sayers posted the following on Facebook: Quote:

Is the Rodney Local Board’s idea of paying an additional council transport targeted rate still acceptable? … or should they withdraw it?.. especially now that Mayor Goff wants a fuel tax plus the Government wants one too? End of quote.

To which Pirie responded: Quote:

Greg, I am really disappointed that you have chosen to publicly attempt to preempt a decision the Local Board have to make before we?ve seen all the evidence and after public submissions have closed.
Your time on the Local Board should have given you?an understanding and respect for the co-governance arrangements between the governing body that you are now on, and the work of the Board.
Board members have been careful to be publicly neutral on the positions you take as councillor and I?d have hoped yours extend us the same courtesy. End of quote.

You actually have to be kidding, gnome, right?

You really think that a politician should not campaign against something that is outright wrong before you have consulted?

You don’t think that a principled right-wing politician representing a right-wing ward should be allowed to say very clearly from the very beginning that he opposes a targeted rate?