Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is a beloved character from the American cartoon The Simpsons. The show is now being criticised for its portrayal of Indian shop owner Apu who is one of the show?s longest-running characters. They claim that it is culturally insensitive.

Of course, they totally ignore the portrayal of Homer Simpson who is a stereotype of a white American. While Apu is shown to be a caring family man who is hard working and very polite with the small fault of selling items in his store that are past their best by date, Homer is mocked in every episode.

Homer is shown to be lazy and careless, dangerous in his job, unreliable and an alcoholic as well as fat and slovenly. He is a terrible husband and father with the redeeming feature of having a kind heart on occasion. Worst of all, he is portrayed as being very stupid.