Face of the day

Mark Watson calls for Israel Folau to rot in hell

Today’s face of the day Mark Watson has called for Israel Folau “to rot in hell”, and that was perhaps the least offensive thing he said while ranting on @NewstalkZB’s ‘Weekend Sport’. To hear all of what he said listen to the video below.

Why are the same people who called loudly for Israel Folau to lose his job not calling for Mark Watson to lose his job? Funny how it is only called hate speech when it is people whose views they don’t share, isn’t it?

Mark Watson, however, took it a step further than just expressing an opinion. He actually called for a person’s death. He justified his outburst by saying it was to make a point but it was a particularly bad point as Israel Folau said nothing to incite harm to anyone. All Folau?is guilty of is answering a question honestly.