Facebook: Sorry not sorry

Facebook has apologised to Voice of Europe for “accidentally” removing content from its page. Voice of Europe writes:

A lot has happened since we became a successful page on Facebook. We have been?threatened, censored and suspended?by [Facebook] But yesterday there were new developments.

One of our moderators received an email from Facebook saying:


One of our team members accidentally removed something you?ve posted on Facebook. This was a mistake and we apologise for it. The content has been restored and you should be able to see it again.

The Facebook-Team

The email referenced a Voice of Europe?post?which was removed in which former Czech president Vaclav Klaus said that the ?Migrant influx is comparable to the barbarian invasions of Europe?. While Russia Today posted a?similar article?with the same title, it wasn?t removed or censored on their timeline.

We always appreciate when people or companies apologise for their mistakes, but the question remains: How is it possible that mainstream news content on Facebook is being removed?

We cannot escape the feeling that the Facebook team has a strong left-wing bias and that is not acceptable for a service that should honestly represent thoughts and opinions in a free society.[…] End of quote.

The apology to the Voice of Europe page for censoring its content is a hollow one as Facebook’s actions prior to CEO Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony speaks louder than words. Quote:

Ahead of scheduled congressional testimony by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has announced a series of censorship measures that strike a blow against online anonymity and tighten the company?s grip on what users can say on its platform.

Zuckerberg announced Friday that the company will ?require people who manage large pages to be verified,? meaning they will have to provide the company, and by extension the US government, with their real names and locations.

Zuckerberg declared that the measure ?will make it much harder for people to run pages using fake accounts, or to grow virally and spread misinformation or divisive content.? In addition, the company will prohibit ad purchases by individuals whose identities have not been ?verified.?[…] End of quote.

[…] Within hours of the announcement by Facebook on Friday, the company blocked an advertisement for a public meeting held by the Socialist Equality Party, which is affiliated with the?World Socialist Web Site, entitled ?No to war, inequality, and censorship,? on the grounds that it does not allow ads that contain ?shocking, disrespectful, or sensational content.? Other ads related to the Oklahoma teachers strike were blocked yesterday. End of quote.

This one example illustrates that although conservative content is by far the most censored by Facebook it is not the only political content that is being censored and that while Facebook may say that they are sorry, their actions show that they are not sorry about their increased censorship of free speech.