Gab’s guide to protecting yourself from Facebook

It has occurred to me that as a writer on Whaleoil I am at risk of having my social media accounts shut down because of my political views. Before social media existed I printed out photos of my children and family and put them into photo frames or photo albums. Nowadays?the last maybe ten years worth of my personal and family photos are stored on Facebook.

I have treated Facebook as my online photo album but if Facebook ever decides to close my account all my photos will be lost forever as they were long ago deleted off my camera.

I was wondering how to get them off Facebook and saved to a memory stick when the following guide arrived via e-mail from Gab which is the free speech alternative to Twitter. Quote:

The first and most logical step is to download all of your Facebook data before doing anything else. Many people have thousands of photos and memories, which can easily be uploaded to other photo sharing services or saved to your own hard drive. Head to the settings section of your Facebook account. Under the ?General? tab you?ll see a small link that says ?Download your Facebook account data.? Click it, then click ?Start My Archive.? Once completed, Facebook will email you a copy of your data.?Here is a full list of everything that is included in the archive.


Once all of your data is downloaded, there is really no reason not to scrub your account clean before taking the next steps. Facebook makes it nearly impossible to do this because YOUR DATA IS THEIR BUSINESS. That being said, there are ways to do it outside of manually sitting in your account Activity Log and deleting every move you?ve made for years one by one.
Many people have found?this Chrome extension?handy for deleting everything from your activity log. The problem is, it?s a really long process. You have to leave your browser window open and the extension running to delete everything. It will take a long time, but it?s something that can be done.
Your next option is to deactivate your account. This will take your account offline, but it will not delete it entirely. Facebook will ask you for a reason and beg you to stay, but the act of deactivation is very freeing.
If you decide you want to keep your account, there are two sections of the settings that we recommend reviewing. The first is the Facial Recognition settings. We recommend you turn this off because it?s creepy. Secondly, we highly recommend you review the ?Apps? section. Any app listed in this section of your account has full access to all of your account information. Every time you choose to ?sign up? with Facebook, this happens. Chances are there are hundreds of apps that have perpetual access to your account data without you even knowing it. You can remove each app from having access from the Apps page.


Total freedom: delete your?account.

Facebook makes it nearly impossible to find out where to delete your account. I actually had to run a Google search in order to find it.?Here is the link?if you are interested in going all the way with this.[…] End of quote.


If you would like to consider an alternative social media account Gab is an ad-free social network for creators who believe in free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online. There is no censorship on Gab as you are given the power to choose what you want to see and what you don’t want to see. The censorship is wholly in your hands rather than in the hands of Gab. They also do not store your personal data like Facebook does. Gab was created in response to Big Tech?s continued censorship and suppression of information across the globe.