Gun control must be stopped

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Gun control must be stopped, and I’ll indulge in ego to think I’ve created a compelling argument (at least, for those with open minds).

Defensive gun usage:

Many of the arguments presented in opposition to gun control revolve around crime and the deterrent use of firearms against criminals.

As it happens I know two people (civilians) who have used guns to defend themselves against criminals; one was told, explicitly, by the police that it was their?handgun that prevented their assault and rape.??So?defensive gun uses are not fantasy.??And this is certainly a practical argument on which to rest a case. It was, interestingly, one of my ?Red Pill? experiences that shifted my perspective on guns.

I was living in the Midwest when my police officer neighbour remarked that I should get a gun for self-defence. Having been raised, all my life, to believe that civilian gun ownership was wrong, it shocked me to my core that (of all people) a cop was telling me this. Unlike most Leftists? (and have no doubt that I still was one) I didn?t dismiss this as a flier data point stated by a knuckle-dragging sloped forehead redneck, but?crime deterrence is not my lynchpin reason for opposing gun control.

A few weeks before the horrific school shooting in Florida I was talking with a fellow parent at a child?s birthday party.??He is an American, but lived in Ukraine for several years with his wife; a veteran, he is leveraging his GI benefits and is applying to study for a PhD in Neuroscience at a local university.

With that revelation, I brought up my take on the threat-recognition, fight or flight survival response that is the key to survival: the apparent atrophy of which I believe is present in broad swaths of today?s modern society. I outlined my hypothesis to him which is that any advanced and thriving civilization has large numbers of people who are comfortable and safe for generations. This lack of meaningful threats, from birth onward, causes the amygdalae structures in the brain to not fully develop because of a lack of stimulation; thus, the ability to recognize actual threats has atrophied. This leads to society and the leadership class, in particular, taking actions that they do not recognize as dangerous, which result in the collapse of the civilization.

He agreed that this sounded quite possible.??He observed that I wear a yarmulke and mentioned that among the people he met in the Ukraine was a group of Holocaust (Shoah) survivors.??I was fascinated by his account of these people, and how? (almost universally)?they had not seen it coming.??Once they did see it approaching they did not believe it would be as bad as it was? nor, implicitly, did any of them believe how fast it would overwhelm leaving them no lead time to flee or attempt to resist.

I?ve talked with my Jewish relatives about the?Shoah?and our mutual relations who were murdered in it. My son?s Hebrew name is taken from someone in my family who, along with his wife and son, were killed in Auschwitz.

I?ve spoken with other Jews I know; few Jews do not have branches missing from their family tree.??I?ve also spoken with people in general as the subject comes up, about the connection between genocides and its necessary precondition, civilian disarmament.

The evidence of history is clear in this chart:

(From?Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership)

Whether from my relatives who lived through the Shoah, albeit in America, other American Jews, or just other people in general with whom a discussion has evolved to this subject, the reply (with, admittedly, a few exceptions) is almost always the same:

“Oh, that can?t happen here!”

My wife grew up in the former USSR; she has related, multiple times, that during its break-up there were?months?when they literally didn?t know where their next meal was coming from.??I?m something of a prepper in general.??A couple of years ago some of my in-laws visited, and they were all laughing at the ?grocery store? I had in the basement.??When I quizzed them about why they were amused, in light of their actual experience, guess what they said????That can?t happen in America?.??Sigh.

Her homeland, now also an independent country, had its own genocide from Stalin’s starvation tactics.? He didn’t just target Ukraine:?Stalin starved populations to death to russify Ukraine, North Caucasus and Kazakhstan, statistics show.? In the case of my wife’s country, Stalin’s pogrom-by-starvation killed one-third of the population. One-third of an entire country wiped out.??He starved them to death.

The ground can shift and quickly:

In the essay?Stability Privilege: Why the American Left Thinks Gun Control is a Good Idea,?one paragraph struck me as critical ? the speed with which things can change: Quote:

Try to remember that Sarajevo once hosted an Olympics.??Remember that Beirut used to be called ?The Paris of the Middle East.???Remember that women used to wear lipstick and miniskirts in Tehran. End of quote.

On that last one, Iran specifically, I was there: albeit as a young boy.??I remember people, women included, in western clothing participating in society, not shunted aside as chattel, sex receptacles and baby factories in mobile tents.

I also remember the dissatisfaction at the Shah voiced by people we met, and hopes for a ?new future? should he be overthrown and the Ayatollah Khomeini come to govern.? (I wish I could ask those who desired this, “So, how’d that work out?”)

History Lessons from Years Under Islamism, contains twin warnings: the first, how the soft words of an aspiring tyrant can deceive a people desirous of ?hope and change?, and second, a stark warning about how fast that thuggish government can flip things to the worse. Quote:

My generation in Iran should be seen as a lesson for the West. Almost every state […] underestimated the power that these Islamists could wield.?Warning signs were overlooked. No one believed that such a massive change could occur and be enforced. Many underestimated the crimes that these Islamists were willing to commit to maintain their power once they came into control.?To this day, they continue to prove that there are no limits to the cruelty and lack of humanity.?End of quote.

Here in America, still within living memory, a Democrat ordered the round-up of persons of Japan descent who were deprived of property,?herded into camps, and (fortunately) ?released and compensated.??Now, imagine if WWII had turned south in the Pacific; would America have turned genocidal against these people???We don?t know and I’d like to think not, but… can you honestly rule it out?

Multiple articles over the years have convinced me that telling pre-WWI?Germans that their country would be herding Jews (and others) into purpose-built death factories to be murdered by the millions would have been disbelieved utterly. Walter E. Williams concludes his article,?How to Assist Evil, with this sentence: “No German who died before 1930 would have believed the Holocaust possible.”

The Second Amendment was, specifically, put in to give The People teeth in?protecting themselves against such tyranny:

One of the concepts of which I?ve become aware in the last year or so is the idea that the ?common man? actually has strong inhibitors against mass murder in most societies. Were a person in power to suddenly come out and announce an unprecedented pogrom against a specific demographic, or a sudden switch from an open government to a tyrannical one the ” common man” would not accept this.

There needs to be a years-long, perhaps even decades-long, drip-drip-drip of propaganda venom slowly turning the target from valued to pariah.??For example, the Jews were changed from valued members of society to an evil that had to be eliminated.

This strategy has a clear purpose. In modern times the purpose is not a criticism of Israel nor a discussion of the issues;?the purpose is to paint Israel and Zionism as the ultimate evil. These words [specifically Apartheid and genocide] are chosen because they have become associated in the global mindset with evil.

The greatest atrocities have been preceded by the preparation of people’s minds.?This is what we’re seeing today. This is the nature of this war because only a person convinced he doing good by ridding the world of a great evil could do this

And let?s look at the contemporary genocidal rage at Trump voters. That rage has taken form in physical attacks on Trump supporters, riots on college campuses over Conservative speakers like Milo, doxing Conservatives to get them fired and the shooting of Republican Congressmen. These are not just random, one-off events…they’re recruiting, and training, and organizing.??And?allied with Islamists?against the West in general, and America in particular.

My?guns are symbols of my ability to say NO, I WILL NOT.

So to those who want my guns, understand this: I?ve learned my lesson as a Jew.

NEVER AGAIN will I be teased with the hope of a ?work camp? or honeyed words that relocations or confiscations of things are temporary.

NEVER AGAIN will I trust a government to protect me; I only have the rights I’m willing to fight to protect, and it is my obligation to do so.

I understand from reading both historical and the present day words of the Left that they hate me, and the Left has a long history of killing its enemies. Their rising anti-Semitism?is also scary.? Between my Conservatism, my Patriotism and love of America, my scepticism of? “Climate Change”, and my Judaism as well as Zionism, I have multiple crosshairs on me.

This is why I own guns, and why I will fight to retain them.

  • I will NOT be compelled to obey what someone else tells me is “for my own good”.
  • I will NOT be herded and/or culled like my son’s namesake and his family.
  • I will NOT surrender that fundamental freedom to decide things for myself and to choose my own way in the world.
  • And I will NOT forget -?as so many American Jews have?forgotten?- that the ultimate lesson of the?Shoah?is that if it happened once… it can happen again and not just to Jews.
  • Marxism has killed over 100 million civilians in their quest to “purify” people… and I will NOT surrender my ability to say NO to that evil.

I live as a free man.? And, if necessary, I will die a free man.