Here we go, what’s the bet the next industry to be axed is dairy

Greenpeace rocked up to parliament with a petition calling for a ban on oil and gas exploration and two weeks later our virtue-signalling prime minister did just that.

Now Greenpeace are emboldened because they have a flake and a patsy as prime minister, what’s the bet they try and cull our dairy herds?? Quote:

The last two decades have seen an explosion in dairy farming, an increase in the intensity of our herds and the continued spread of our urban areas.

That’s come at a cost to the environment, a new report from the Ministry for the Environment has found.

It’s causing our soils to compact, affecting their ability to sustain agriculture, and causing run-off to impact water quality. It’s also causing coastal and lowland ecosystems to “decline”.

Greenpeace says the report shows there are simply too many cows.??

“There are too many cows. We urgently need to diversify and transition away from intensive dairying,”says Greenpeace Sustainable Agriculture Campaigner, Gen Toop.

“The industrial way are farming is literally squandering soil, which we ultimately depend on to grow food and sustain life. We have to switch to more regenerative ways of farming.” End quote.

Transition away is green speak for destroying your industry… which is clearly what they want to do. I imagine they won’t be satisfied until every cow is dead.

They are luddites and wreckers. Their solutions will destroy this country.

Unfortunately, we have a fool for a prime minister and all Greenpeace has to do is rock up with a few thousand signatures and she will announce a ban on cows to begin our transition away from dairy. They will have a plan, which will only be a few slogans, but there will be a cap on cows, and it will be a sinking cap.

Don’t believe me… watch them try it.