In for a Penny…

Credit: Laine Moger/Stuff

Penny Bright is looking very smug. This is why.? Quote.

Auckland rates rebel Penny Bright has halted the forced sale of her home for three days, following a High Court ruling.

Auckland Council is trying to force the sale of Bright’s Kingsland home, saying Bright owes it $34,000 from 11 years of unpaid rates.

Bright’s house was scheduled to be sold by tender at 4pm on Tuesday, but the sale was halted by the interim injunction granted by the High Court.

Pending further orders, Auckland Council shall take no further steps to effect the sale of the property, the order said.

“It is a load off my mind and body to have this sale stopped,” Bright said.

“It is the most draconian form of bullying, this is ridiculous.”

Bright has until Friday to file a request for a judicial review.[?]? End of quote.

As previously reported on Whaleoil, Penny Bright set up a Givealittle page to raise funds for her outstanding rates bill. It closed on 20 April and I was surprised to see that 224 generous, but, in my opinion, misguided, donors gave $15,120.

That?s a surprising amount of money. She doesn?t deserve a cent. I wonder what happens to that money?

From the information on her Givealittle page: Quote.

[?] Funds raised will go towards the $20,000 in outstanding Auckland Council rates to be paid once ‘the books are open’. In any event monies collected for outstanding Auckland Council Rates, will be paid by the 20th April 2019 – it will be held in escrow till this time. […]? End of Quote.

She seems to be contradicting herself. She initially says funds raised will be paid once ?the books are open? but in the next sentence says monies collected will be paid by 20 April 2019. If she?s going to hand over the money she raised ?in any event?, then she might as well do it now, and save herself another year?s worth of accumulated late fees and penalties.

I expect, any day now, she will be popping into the Auckland Council offices with donations made by the 224 out of 4.6 million people in New Zealand who actually support her.

Then all she has to do is raise the remaining $20,000+ owing in late payments and she can stay in her house.

Penny, just stop the nonsense and pay your rates.