Just a day after the appointment of pinkos to oversee intelligence we find out the Russians have been hacking here

Just a day after the appointment of pinkos to oversee intelligence we find out the Russians have been hacking here: Quote.

There are signs New Zealand organisations have been directly threatened by Russian state-sponsored hacking, GCSB director-general Andrew Hampton says.

“Attributing cyber incidents to particular countries is something that is carefully considered and is a step not taken lightly,” he added.

The bombshell came in the wake of international concerns about Russian-backed hacks on networking equipment.

New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre was on Tuesday pointing people to?a strong-worded warning put out by the United States and Britain over “Russian state-sponsored” hacking.??

In what appeared unusually firm language, the United States Computer Emergency Response Team accused “Russian state-sponsored cyber actors” of using compromised computer network equipment to conduct a “worldwide” campaign of espionage.

The US warning said signs of the Russian government campaign to exploit weaknesses in devices such as internet routers were first detected in 2015 and threatened the safety, security, and economic well-being of the United States.

A National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) spokesman was not able to comment on whether it had evidence New Zealand organisations had been affected by those incidents.

But Hampton said for the first time that there were indications “Russian state and state sponsored actors” were behind some of the 122 serious incidents identified in a GCSB annual report in November that had “indicators of connection to foreign intelligence agencies”.

“New Zealand organisations were subject to both direct and indirect threats,” he said. “Motivation for these incidents includes espionage and revenue generation.”

The GCSB?would?not say whether any of the attacks had been successful. End quote.

It makes you wonder at the wisdom of appointing anti-west conspiracy theorists to an oversight committee, including a purported journalist who said in 2011 that the SIS and GCSB should be closed down, and a former Soviet ‘diplomat’, along with Kim Dotcom’s hagiographer, was a sensible thing to do.

There should be a political storm over these appointments and the lack of balance the Marxist in charge of the IGIS has orchestrated.