Logic fail from Tova O’Brien, who reveals she is just as bigoted as everyone else

Tova O’Brian was probably doing high fives with the pals at Newshub over her opinion column against Israel Folau.

But, all she has done is show us just how intellectually retarded she is: Quote:

There is no room in my world for people who think gay people are going to hell.

I respect the opinions of others, I respect the religion of others, I respect freedom of speech.?I do not respect ignorant, bigoted views that aren’t grounded in any rational argument or fact.?

That includes racism, sexism, religious persecution and discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity.? End quote.

Way to go Tova, darling. Contradicted yourself inside three sentences.

No religion is grounded in any rational argument or fact… they are belief systems. They don’t need to be rational. All she has done is show us her feeble mind and lack of joined-together thinking.

If you respect the opinions of others, their religion and freedom of speech, then there is no but or qualifier.

She has told a lie. She actually doesn’t support those things. She, in fact, supports shutting down views she doesn’t agree with.

The poor petal is also upset that Princess Cindy-pants didn’t condemn Israel Folau’s belief system: Quote:

Which is why I’m surprised at her response to Israel Folau’s comments that gay people who do not repent will go to hell.

She didn’t condemn it, she didn’t say how utterly stupid, wrong or cruel his comments were.?She said “that conversation has been cased on someone’s religious background”.

She wouldn’t say if using religion as an excuse makes it okay.

She said she doesn’t agree with Folau, but when asked if it was hate speech she replied: “I’m very careful about how I categorise someone’s speech.”

Let me help – it’s speech that expresses hatred of a group.?Condemning a group of people to hell is hateful.?End quote.

What rubbish. Israel Folau quoted the bible. What would this silly tart say if Sonny Bill Williams started quoting the Quran, or worse, started doing what his Muslim brothers around the world do and chucked a few ‘pooftahs’ off a tall building.

Israel Folau didn’t condemn anyone to hell?? he quoted the bible. What part of freedom of speech doesn’t she get?

It is Tova O’Brian who lacks any tolerance. She also certainly lacks logic and joined-up thinking.

It beggars belief that she is Newshub’s new political editor, with such intellectual stupidity.

But there you go… the kids are in charge now and the luvvies are screeching loud and long.

Perhaps they will shut up now Princess Cindy-pants has spoken.