Looking through the wrong end of the telescope

Some people insist on looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope and their alternative reality when practised en masse can soon become established as the accepted reality. This happens because very few people are prepared to point out the obvious; which is that they are looking at the issue the wrong way around.

When it comes to fake women we are now expected to refer to them as either women or transgender women even though objective facts and reality tell us that they are biologically men and will always be biologically men.

In the old days, it was socially acceptable to point and stare at the bearded lady in the freak show. These days we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so we are generally prepared to go along with people’s harmless delusions and call them whatever they want to be called. We will even pretend that they are women when they are men or that they are men when they are women so that they don’t have to be upset by the truth.

The problems occur when the delusions that we as a society are enabling cease being harmless and impinge on the rights of others. This is when the rubber hits the road when one person’s fiction conflicts with another person’s fact.

Aziz Al Sa’afin has written an article where he looks through the telescope the wrong way. He essentially claims that pointing out facts is unfair because it hurts the feelings of the person who is living a fiction. Quote:

She’s been spoken about in the media a lot lately, much to her dismay.

The female weightlifter has been on the world stage representing Aotearoa at the Commonwealth Games.

After an unfortunate lift yesterday, she walked away without a medal in hand.

What’s worse is she also walked away with not only physical injuries, but mental ones too.

The ones which are only created by words, hurtful, unneeded words that have no place in today’s society. End of quote.

He is writing about Laurel Hubbard, a biological man who is living the fiction that he is a woman. It was a harmless delusion that affected no one but himself until he decided to compete against real women. At that point it was no longer just a case of being kind to him and calling him her and she, it was now a case of being expected to pretend that his man’s body did not give him a distinct advantage over real biological women’s bodies.

Legally he was allowed to complete but no matter what percentage of female hormones he adds to his male body we all know that as a fake woman he has a huge mental and physical advantage over the real women that he is competing against.

When he competed as a man when he was much younger he was not good enough to win Gold or Silver yet many years later competing as a woman he now has the physical ability to win medals even though he is long past his prime as an athlete. No matter how the fiction is spun, the facts demand attention.

According to writer Aziz Al Sa’afin the debate around the appropriateness of Hubbard competing in the women’s section was unfair as it overshadowed a New Zealand female Athlete’s success. Aziz Al Sa’afin enables the fiction that Hubbard is a real woman. He says:

I’m going to make it simple for you.

Laurel Hubbard is a woman.

She is classed as a woman.

She has lived as a woman and considers herself a woman.

She is Laurel Hubbard.

[…] Let’s be clear, Hubbard has passed all the necessary testing and the powers that be have deemed her a woman.

Legally, she proved her testosterone levels were down and hormones were similar to that of a woman.

She would not have been allowed to compete otherwise.

[…] The world’s first transgender study showed that hormone therapy didn’t just decrease testosterone levels, but reduced muscle mass, decreased bone density, as well as other physical characteristics. End of quote.

His reasoning makes me laugh. It makes me think of a person holding a certificate that states that they are invisible while standing beside a person who swears that they can’t see them while I watch them scratch their nose.

A weaker man is still a man. We don’t allow weak men to compete against female athletes so it makes no sense at all to allow a man disadvantaged by female hormones to compete against women either. It is not unfair to point out the truth: no matter how many experts have declared the fiction to be the reality.