More stupid PC ‘environmental’ policy that sounds good but hurts people


Here in New Zealand, we have our very own environmental fruitloops influencing policy at both local and government level. They are all about what looks good and sounds good but don’t bother to engage their brain or to think first about the impact on humans before they rush to save the planet via virtue signalling.

Our government’s latest feel-good brain-dead so-called environmental policy is costing Kiwis thousands of jobs and the oil and gas industry millions of dollars, and they didn’t even create a working group or consult industry so eager were they to virtue signal to the world that they were going to save the planet.

It is the same with the plastic bags and plastic staw campaigners who seriously think that banning these products will make a difference. In the case of the plastic straws, they will make a big difference but not to the environment. They will make a big difference to the disabled who need them to drink! Quote:

A young woman with cerebral palsy?has called for the British government to consider the needs of disabled people before bringing in a ban on plastic straws.?Ellie Simpson has said that politicians had not given any consideration to people with disabilities who rely on plastic over other alternatives. She explained that paper straws quickly disintegrate and metal straws are a hazard and can burn mouths when used to drink hot drinks. She cannot drink without the use of a plastic straw but the people who are behind these exercises in virtue signalling are more concerned with turtles than human beings.?

End of quote.