New Zealand First’s Tracey Martin asks a question

screenshot: Whaleoil

Tracey Martin is currently promoting a punitive bill that will fine people who do not have a degree and a teaching diploma but who call themselves a teacher, two thousand dollars. She has asked the public on Facebook if they know of another way to raise the status of teachers to please let her know.

One of our readers who is deeply immersed in educating New Zealand children e-mailed me today with his answer to Tracey Martin’s question. He said:

How about?teachers do a better job all round and those of them that are abusing kids stop being protected by the unions? How about having a much higher entrance standard for Primary school teachers so they have to know something of Maths and Science and to ensure that they are genuinely literate? You can call a goat a pedigree Samoyed all you like but it will still baa and wreck your garden. End of quote.

Policing language is not the answer. I am amazed that New Zealand First thinks that it is.


Credit: Rr