New Zealand reflects “Islamic values much more than Muslim countries”

Muslims in prayer
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I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims;
I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but no Islam.

Mohammad Abduh End of quote:

A reader sent me a link to a website called ?that makes an extraordinary claim about New Zealand: Quote:

The indices show that Western countries, especially those of Northern Europe, Canada and New Zealand, reflect Islamic values much more than do Muslim countries. End of quote.

The Islamicity Indices were launched in 2007 and have received publicity in many Muslim countries. According to them, New Zealand has the highest ranking in the entire world for reflecting what they refer to as Islamic values. This may mean that New Zealand is now being promoted throughout the Islamic world as the best western country in the world for Muslims to immigrate to.

The indices work out the score they allocate to each country by assigning a value to:

  • economy
  • legal and governance
  • human and political rights and
  • international relations.

Latest Indices: 2016 (2017 Indices Available by May 31)

It is not clear which Islamic sect is behind the indices. Quote:

These indices are based on the teachings of the Qur?an and the life and practice of the Prophet Mohammad and serve as an indication of the degree of compliance with Islamic teachings as reflected in the Islamic landscape of a community. End of quote.

In a video, they mention some of the Islamic values they are referring to. Their concern is that inside actual Muslim countries there is a disconnect between these so-called Islamic values and what the Muslims there are actually experiencing.

The Islamic values mentioned are not moral values but are, instead, the cultural values of justice, sharing and equality, freedom, freedom of religion and, finally, economic prosperity.

These are some of the values that the indices are referring to when they state that? Muslims in New Zealand are complying with them better than Muslims anywhere else in the world. Perhaps it is a recognition that there is more justice under the western legal system than there is under Islamic sharia law and that western countries have better economies and better personal and religious freedom than Islamic countries.

We certainly have strong values of equality in New Zealand apart from the sexual segregation inside some of our public swimming pools and the sexual segregation already enforced inside Islamic schools and mosques.

The Islamicity Foundation has a detailed plan to develop their organisation in order to: Quote:

Disseminate the ongoing results of Islamicity Indices (policy successes and failures of each Muslim country and their institutional shortcomings) through existing and to-be-formed organizations in all Muslim countries. In the process, the foundation will build a vast global community of Muslims who internalize the teachings of the Qur?an and support peaceful reforms and effective institutions. As a result, rulers and clerics would no longer be in a position to dismiss the participation of such an informed global community of Muslims who have the moral support of millions of Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.End of quote.