New Zealand’s third would-be terrorist gets a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket

Australian terrorist

I wrote not long ago about a young New Zealand terrorist?in Christchurch who has been granted name suppression and given counselling sessions at the local mosque. Part of his therapy programme, to make him less likely to go ahead with his stated intention to massacre a lot of infidel New Zealanders, has been to teach him to play golf. Yes, really.

In the original news story they didn’t give his name or show a photo but they did reveal just how dangerous he is and how much various agencies feared that he would harm others. They talked about him becoming radicalised and converting to Islam but they blamed the internet for both his conversion and his new religion. The local mosque was not mentioned at all yet how can you become a Muslim if you do not go to a mosque?

Jordyane Evan Thomas Madams

Now our latest New Zealand would-be terrorist has been revealed with both a photo and a name but strangely his obsession with ISIS and paedophilia has been blamed on his autism rather than on his conversion to Islam. I can only wonder how long it will be before another judge decides that weekly sessions with the local Imam down at his local Mosque is just the ticket for deradicalising him. That will probably be followed up with a round of golf on the taxpayer as nothing deradicalises?quite like the healing powers of golf. Quote:

A man found with videos of Isis executions and a book giving instructions on how to make bombs?developed an intense interest in the terrorist group?due to his Asperger’s?syndrome, a court has heard.

That diagnosis?was?a big reason why?Jordayne Evan Thomas Madams?was not sent?to jail for possessing the material. End of quote.

This suggests that he was simply obsessed with learning about ISIS and how to make bombs but had no intention of becoming a terrorist or building bombs. For this to be a successful defence I would expect it was proved that he had only an intellectual interest in the two subjects, but that was not the case at all. Quote:

He also made videos calling for attacks on “tyrants” and those?who had attacked mosques in Canada and Texas – but was not charged with offences relating to them. End of quote.

Making videos to incite violence and murder is a step too far that cannot be blamed on any kind of autism. People with Asperger’s syndrome may become obsessed with?certain topics but they still know the difference between right and wrong. Quote:

Madams was sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court on Monday to six months’ community detention and two years’ intensive supervision?for possessing?child sex abuse videos and images, and terrorism material.

The material, found by police when they searched his house in November,?included a text file of?The Terrorist’s Handbook, which gives instructions on how to assemble bombs and explosives.

He also had 68 images promoting Isis, and propaganda?videos featuring prisoners having their throats cuts and people being executed by gunfire.

Judge Stephanie Edwards said forensic?psychiatrist Dr Justin Barry-Walsh?found Madams suffered from Asperger’s syndrome.

It caused people to fixate intently on topics, then go off them – something which had happened in Madams’ past with things such as dinosaurs, the judge said. End of quote.

You can hardly compare an obsession with dinosaurs to child-sex-abuse videos and images. He was also watching people getting their throats cut. This is sick, perverted stuff and he is not only a would-be terrorist but is obsessed with paedophilia and may become a danger to young children. Quote:

“He has had previous interest in other religions. As part of that he has been able to learn about the background [of Islam] and learn the Arabic language.

[…] Someone else found with the same material could look at a starting sentence of 21 months’ jail, the judge said. However, there was a question about how Madams’ diagnosis affected the intent behind his offending.

His Asperger’s syndrome, age, lack of previous convictions, early guilty pleas and genuine remorse?all played a part in his sentence being lowered.

He would have been sentenced to 10-and-a-half months’ jail, or five months’ home detention, if it were not for his mental health issues.

As part of his sentence, Madams cannot have contact with people younger than 16 without supervision of an approved adult.

He is also banned from?possessing firearms, material promoting the destruction of or for religious groups, and devices capable of accessing the internet or photographs and films.

Police did not apply for Madams to be put on the child sex offender register for the sex abuse images, and the judge did not put him on it, saying he did not meet the threshold.

While Madams was only charged with possessing objectionable material,?he also produced and shared propaganda videos.

[…] the judge said Madams called for the viewers to “wage jihad against tyrants for the sake of Allah and Islam” in one video.

In the other, he talked of retaliating for the attacks against Muslims killed in January attacks on mosques in Texas and Canada.

[…] Madams also made various Facebook posts about terrorism activities, using an account with an Arabic name.

In one post, which has been deleted, he called for Islamic State to spread throughout the world.

“In times like this, its [sic] time to establish the Islamic State in every country,” he wrote. “It is time we must defend our religion with our lives. No more protesting, its time for Jihad.”

In a different post he said Islam would “dominate the world”. End of quote.

Nothing to see here folks; just a nice young chap with a little bit of an obsession with killing non-Muslims and viewing sexual?abuse of little children while creating and spreading propaganda videos to incite violence and slaughter while he learns to construct bombs in his bedroom. There is no need to lock him up to protect society because he hasn’t met the child abuse or terrorist threshold of actually sexually abusing or killing anyone yet.

When he does eventually get around to turning his words into action he will be just another mentally ill young man radicalised by the internet and, once again, we will be told that it has nothing to do with Islam and no one could have possibly prevented the slaughter.